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Roof tents for cars, for a holiday in complete freedom. Do you want to camperize your car or are you new to camping life? The roof top tent for cars are enjoying great success in the outdoors, thanks to their versatility and ease. Vanny-ho roof tent, compatible with fiat, audi, VW, mercede, Jeep, Renegade. 

Rent a camping car roof tent. The first to rent in Rome. 

Il 1° noleggio di tende da tetto a Roma!

Setup in 
5 minutes

for 2 people

Weight: 50 kg

Tested in rain and wind

with each car

The Vanny-ho roof tent will be your room with a view during your travels on the road or off road .  


You can choose our roof tent rental service for an outdoor experience during your summer vacation or a spring break.  

Or you can buy your own Vanny-ho roof tent to always have it by your side. 

Give an adventure on the road! 

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 Ever thought about a roof tent? 

If the answer to this question is no, then you should start doing it. If it is, well then you are in the right place .  

A roof tent will be your room with a view throughout your vacation. Sea, mountains, villages , go wherever you want by renting one of our tents.  

It fits 90% of vehicles, installation is simple and we'll take care of it. We put it directly on the roof of your car. You only need the door bars.

If you don't have the bars, take it all , don't worry, we have them.  

Once assembled, all you have to do is park and open it. In less than a minute your suite with a view over the roof of your car will be ready to welcome you.  

Perfect for 2 people , our tents are made with quality materials, to guarantee reliability and safety.  

Do you want to know more? Contact us for info .  

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